Do You Agree That There’s A Lot of
Bad Advertising Out There?

There is a lot of bad advertising out there! The fact is that most marketers and ad agencies do not think about their overall strategy nor their brand first, resulting in bad advertising. What we mean by bad is ineffective advertising that is a waste
of your money!

You do not own your brand… consumers own your brand! Your brand is what your customers perceive, think, believe, feel about your company and brand.

At the Epstein Group, we believe that it all starts with how you are positioned in the marketplace which leads to creating a powerful brand.. Ask yourself these 4 very important questions:

  1. Have you identified and verified your clear point of difference between you and your competition? Unless you verify, you maybe fooling yourself by not having a clear vision.
  2. Have you verified that you are communicating that difference in a clear and compelling way that is getting the desired action out
    of your advertising?
  3. Are you confident that the point of difference being communicated is what is perceived AND matches your prospects and customers desires?
  4. Do you know, and have you verified why your best customers do business with you and are you using those insights in your loyalty efforts?

Bad advertising is a result of marketers not knowing and verifying these answers prior to creating and spending their money. How do you avoid these mistakes? The Epstein Group team does not guess at these important issues. We have the experience, expertise, talent and resources to FIND AND VERIFY THESE ANSWERS and will work with you to create the insights that will ignite your brand and put a stop to bad, wasteful advertising.

The Realities

The business world has changed drastically over the past few years, particularly in the area of marketing communications. The Internet has delivered new ways to reach people, and marketers are struggling with how best to incorporate their digital strategy into their overall marketing plan. Because of the proliferation of messages, it’s more difficult than ever to grab people’s attention. Today, marketers have to engage prospects and customers to get their attention. All this has caused companies to rethink how they communicate and distribute their ever-tightening marketing budgets in order to meet their business goals. More than ever, companies are seeking out the insights of experienced marketing professionals who don’t come with the overhead of the traditional advertising agency.

The Reality: It’s time to retool the old ad agency model.

The New Agency Paradigm

The Epstein Group is a pioneer in the development of this new agency paradigm, having deconstructed the old advertising agency model to offer a vision of how marketing services can best serve clients in this age of absolute accountability. Specifically, in the still-evolving world of digital communications, The Epstein Group stands out in its ability to (1) help clients meet the challenges of the new media by creating strategy-focused digital solutions and (2) seamlessly blend effective offline and online tactics.

What does the new agency paradigm mean for you, the client?

Clients of The Epstein Group have the opportunity to work within a flexible business model with a marketing organization that has been designed to match specific needs, so you receive – and only pay for – the resources desired. The Epstein Group is comprised of a best-in-class team of professionals who are led by an agency principal with a 25-year track record of successfully helping companies thrive in ALL marketing environments, including Retail, B2B, Manufacturing, Sports marketing, Foodservice and a variety of professional services.

The talented team at The Epstein Group provides:

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Traditional and digital creative strategy and execution, including website development and digital lead generation
  • Traditional and digital media planning and placement
  • Public relations