A New Way  to Think About Your Marketing

  • We have a unique business model that enables us to provide a higher level of talent at a lower cost for our clients.
  • Our unique process provides a proven way to ensure that your brand connects with your customers and prospects
  • Why spend money and only guess that your message and targeting may work?
  • Our process enables us to understand why your best customers love your brand, then by understanding the key attributes from your best customers, we create messages that your prospects need to know in order for you to get the desired reaction.

Creating Clarity, Conviction and Connections

It's time to discover the true power of your brand. Time to look at it from your prospects and customer's perspective and find out what makes it unique and ownable and how that separates you from all your competition. Only then can you develop a powerful messaging strategy. And only then will you be ready to connect with your customers like never before. When all that occurs, powerful things happen - and we have the results to prove it. CASE STUDIES THE RESULTS

Look before you leap

Without knowing how your customers and prospects perceive your brand, any money spent on advertising or promotions could be way off target. The Epstein Group will work with you to identify and clarify your key point of difference using research and insights to determine what clearly separates you from all your competition. Only after answering this do we then focus on a message strategy that tells a compelling story resulting in motivating your customers into your desired action.

Understand your brand

Through our brand analysis process, we'll increase your confidence that the point of difference being communicated is what is perceived AND matches your prospects and customers' desires. You'll get a clear understanding of why your best customers actually are your best customers - which will help you tell a more powerful story, using those insights to enhance your loyalty efforts.

This is not a beauty contest

Selling to your target audience is not about slick promotional messages. It's about honestly connecting with your customers and reaching them on their terms. Part of our process is determining how best to reach them - whether through digital, traditional or non-paid media, always looking for the optimum way to reach your prospects and customers in the most cost-effective means possible.

A new vision for serving clients in this age of accountability

More than ever, companies are seeking out the insights of experienced marketing professionals who don't come with the overhead of the traditional advertising agency. Clients of The Epstein Group have the opportunity to work within a flexible business model with a marketing organization that has been designed to match specific needs, so you receive – and only pay for – the resources desired.

The Epstein Group is comprised of a best-in-class team of professionals who are led by an agency principal with a 25-year track record of successfully helping companies thrive, even under difficult market conditions. Our client resume includes retail, B2B, Manufacturing, Sports marketing, Foodservice and a variety of professional services.

In the still-evolving world of digital communications, The Epstein Group stands out in its ability to (1) help clients meet the challenges of the new media by creating strategy-focused digital solutions and (2) seamlessly blend effective offline and online tactics.

The talented team at The Epstein Group provides:

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Traditional and digital creative strategy and execution, including website development, social media and digital lead generation
  • Traditional and digital media planning and placement
  • Public relations
  • Customer Loyalty Programs