Case Study: ProSource

TEG created a digital lead generation program for Pro Source, the nation’s largest source for wholesale flooring. Our contribution of banner ads, a landing page, and a lead-tracking system generated over 1000 leads in a 45 day period.

Epstein Group created a digital lead generation program and successful advertising campaign for ProSource image


ProSource is the nation’s largest source for wholesale flooring of virtually any type from the industry’s most respected brands. As a members-only resource, ProSource serves architects, designers, builders, installers and re-modelers through its showrooms across North America. Internally, ProSource had made a decision to develop a test program that would generate leads for the showrooms while working with the showrooms to create a referral program. With a background in developing such programs, The Epstein Group was chosen by ProSource to drive this effort


Specifically, the two-fold challenge of the program was to:

1. Generate leads for the Showrooms by promoting “Buy wholesale and save 40%” and

2. Work with the Showrooms to create a referral program where they pay a fee for the business generated.


The Epstein Group created a digital advertising program, which included strategically targeted banner ads, a landing page, and a lead-tracking and analysis system. The flash-based digital banner ads featured a hard-hitting challenge to the audience to avoid “retail mark ups and hidden costs on name-brand flooring!” and to “buy wholesale” from ProSource and save 40%. Two different ads were created with the plan to measure the results of each and continuing with the better performing of the two concepts. Our ads were geo-targeted in the markets running our test program.

Based on our exhaustive marketing research and analysis, we incorporated a strategy of utilizing digital media knowing that consumers today spend as much time on their computers as they do in front of their TVs. Digital media also gives us the luxury of being able to generate viable leads of those who have an active interest in our message and we are able to determine an actual ROI for our program.

Before we placed any digital media ads, we first developed a profile of the consumer that we wanted to reach. Through Behavioral Targeting we were able to identify the best sites on the web in order to be on for our target. This was only the beginning. From this point, we were able to track consumer activity on these sites and make adjustments on the buys based on this monitoring for the purpose of maximizing our ROI for the campaign. We also incorporated re-targeting strategies where we were able to follow prospects who have either visited the Landing Page or website, and deliver our ad to those as they visited other sites on the web.


Our program generated over 1,000 leads within a 45-day period. The Epstein Group provided a solution that got results while helping to build Pro Source sales.